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Ummm yeah, ill just copy and paste kuras info and type mine xD hopefully my description is longer than kura's xD.

Name: Kura

Village: Moon

Rank: Kage/Missing Ninja



Height: 5" 5'

Hair & Eyes:depending on what i am i could have black hair and red eyes or blue hair and silver eyes

Clothes:mostly vary but i always wear a moonbeam cape which allows her to keep a normal temp if shes in it, and has pockets which have unlimited ammounts of space and when standing still i can camouflage with my background. anything in the cape however can not be stolen.



Other Looks: I usually wear my headband or wrappings around my eyes, so no one can see what i really looked like.

Kekkei Genkai: can summon dragons and demons and use demons chakra. I am also part blind but my special eye technique allows me to see someones past and future and what their weaknesses are and what they have been through. but if used to much the user could become blind but still see but not have normal eyes ever again. My eyes also change, one of my other eye techniques allows me to copy other kekkei genkai but its not the same.

Weapon(s): Kekkei Genkai, shuriken, kunia, dragons, scrolls, ect.

Likes: nothing really

Dislikes: mean people who put limits on things and people who like to threaten

Fears: death of others

Other: Is a shapeshifter so no one knows my true form. Has a dragon demon and can summon dragons and owner of dragon society. Also i have the power of a type of god and can use my powers to bring people back to life with medical jutsu, i also use potions from extensive knowledge. I am also considered immortal, but I can die just a different way. I also can turn into a vampire and a dragon demon.

Things about Jutsu: My jutsu use completely different hand signs and are based on elements, and can also can use original jutsu but the moon villages main jutsu are element style combining all the elements.

History: My village was one of the strongest, several families within the moon village also could use sharingan, byakugan or both, alone with several eye techniques. I have one of them, but i don't like to show my real form because my eyes are now messed up. My eyes change color and patters so you can't ever really tell what my eyes look like. Also the moon village didn't like fighting but had devastating jutsu if necessary. The moon village had even more power when it was a full moon it had 100x of power and many tried recruiting us, but in the end our village except me and my brother are dead.

story of how we lost the ours sensai tsuki
I never meant to hurt anyone, we were practicing our jutsu when this person with red eyes it wasn't sharingan but he tried to kill us knowing our power he was different that he was bloodthirsty kina noticed first he was a vampire tsuki then knew we had to get out of there but we wouldnt have time we were only 8. and although our power was great we were still young i still had to portal open. nd the 5th dimension is worse the person who would go through it suffers an unlimited amount of damage yet cant die. when the vampire attacked us kina was always defending cuz she too was one yumi was a fallen angel so the vampire couldnt attack her but i was human yes the goddess of life but still human even though i was immortal i could still be vunarable all of them knew that but the vampire also wanted information things that only we know and he then came after me tsuki then went into the fight with the vampire and in the end she was tired because she was young only 17 and could have died so she wanted me to reopen the portal but i was naive to she jumped in with the vampire and then the portal closed we were all shocked and then i slipped into unconsciousness and i dont know what happened to yumi and kina i only found myself in a house .and that is where itachi and sasuke lived.

After the incident
I lived with them and my kekkia genkai picked up and gave me power of the sharingan but I knew that itachi was going to kill the Uchihas he made me swear a promise and i kept it. I then erased all the memories of the uchihas before leaving so that they never knew who i was, like as if i never existed. still i keep itachis promise and will never give it away.

Attitude: Usually can be nice but mostly not to be happy nor upset so i was nuetral.
Friends and Family: My two friends are kina and yumi. yumi is a fallen angel and kina is a vampire. kina is from the star village, yumi was from the sun village. Our sensai who watches over us and is from the tenshi village. All three ninja were formal kages of their village until they were destroyed by an unknown force and were called the "Element Trio" and had enough power alone to destroy the world without trying and make co existing worlds, and their teacher have taught them the ways of tenshi increasing their strength by 10x.


Name: Haichu Uchiha

Age: uhh like Itachi's age as in looks but like as old as Madara xD I guess

Village: None for now

Rank: one of those, "tick me off and die no matter what." that means bye bye

Weapons: mostly anything

Likes: friends and family

Dislikes: a lot of things

Fears: losing another loved one

Attitude: varied depending on who it is but can be kind to friends and can be nightmares for uchihas themselves. She hates almost all uchihas except of course Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, and some other people only because she knew them and are friends with them.

Other: has demons and other stuff and I'm workin on the story.

History:Haichu is a somewhat famous ninja. She was considered as 'ancient' because she lived in the time with the first ninja war, AKA when Madara was around. She was not only one of the first Uchihas but one of the most known during that time. She knew Madara well and they were best of friends, they were always there for each other, and covered each others back during the war. However, she suddenly disappeared when Madara became immortal. Madara didn't know what to think, knowing that the one who could always be there for him, besides his brother disappeared. He then thought it was the enemy group, but realized that she would have been able to escape or get some of distress message to him. Raged, he decided to make a truce with the enemy other known as the First Hokage. However, he was planning revenge over all the time. Each day he became more confused wondering where Haichu could be. Years passed and the pain was becoming unbearable knowing that Haichu isn't going to be here with him. Soon after he couldn't take it anymore but also knowing that the Uchihas were trapped, he fought with the First Hokage and his brother, pretending to 'die' waiting for some sign of Haichu.

Appearently Haichu didn't know any of this as she wasn't even in that time period, she had triggered her special power of time travel. It activated when she was fighting a specialized ninja who knew everything about her power and was trying to force her demons to use time travel. She then left and seemed to teleport into a time in the period of the 2nd Ninja war with younger Kakashi. However, she didn't know that she time traveled because her demons inside of her blocked memories of her power. She at that time was loyal to the Leaf Village thinking that Madara was somewhere. However, Haichu searched but never found him, but found someone else, Kenta. They became lovers and would do anything to keep each other safe. Later when other countries found out about Haichu's power they sent more and more assasins after her and demanded to give her self up or face death. Yet, knowing Haichu and the average Uchiha they were headstrong, so therefore, she put up a fight against all the assasins. Haichu knew that she was always in danger knowing that not only was her life on the line, but also Kenta's as well. However, someone from the beginning of Pein and Konan they sent people out to try to recruit Haichu. Even though she was still mortal they both knew she was very powerful, but they didn't know about her past, for they have been keeping tabs on her observing while she didn't know. Finally, Pein decided to send out another part of him, and then began a fight with Haichu. This time however, they were going to kill her, to force the demons to let her live. Kenta intnerfered with this plan, knowing that she would die but instead switched places with Haichu so that she could live and he would die. Sadly, Kenta never knew that Haichu's demons would have saved her yet Haichu was only mortal that could be pushed to an extent. After emotions of pain, rage, anger, frustration, hate and agony she had no control over her body and the demons were released killing part of Pein. Once she had part of Pein was placed with her so she would be able to be tracked. After Haichu woke up she found Kenta dead only remembering that Pein killed him, but not remembering she killed part of him.

Then at last after that, her demons teleported her to the more current day of when Itachi was the double spy, yet still remembering Kenta. Haichu was a very good friend with Itachi and Sasuke, however, she could not answer questions about her parents and brother for it was too painful for her to recall. After she figured out Itachi was going to kill the clan and knew about Madara she asked Itachi about it and he let her come along to see him. After a long time Madara and her then see each other again being very happy. She was still friends with Sasuke and Itachi though, because she helped Sasuke grow while also being there for Itachi liking a sister almost. She only fears that Itachi wants Sasuke to kill him.

Her childhood had painful knowing during time of war, her father traded her to a sadistic group if they swore to help the leaf during time of war. they agreed and before Haichu left her brother told her once the war was over, he would come to get her but it never happened. During the lab experiment she had wings that could be seen if Haichu wanted them to show or they could disappear, either way she now was able to fly. Once the war was over Haichu's brother came to get her but died in front of her as the leader of the group killed him. So much grief unleashed her demons again killing the group and switching times once again to the current current time.

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Re: Kura/Haichu

Post  Haichu on Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:46 pm

Kura: Haichu, calm down its just writing.
Haichu: yeah that doesn't tell crap about the people
Kura: dude thats just because i write a lot...
Kura: Oh god why Haichu...-.-'

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